Everything We Ate At Disneyland

Summer is almost here! This means family vacations, roadtrips, and maybe even trips to Disneyland! Some people may go to Disneyland for the rides, but I’ve recently come to enjoy the smaller details of the Happiest Place on Earth. Clothing, customized ears, souvenirs, and food all add to the magic. I did my research on the most highly recommended snacks. Keep in mind you can rack up quite the bill buying all of your food at the park.

#1 Pooh’s Corner: Tigger Tail

After getting soaked on the Splash Mountain log ride, I needed a sweet treat to forget about this misery of wet clothing in the cold December weather. Right next to the ride’s exit is Pooh’s Corner. Stop in for sweet treats with a Winnie the Pooh theme. Tigger has always been my favorite, so I ordered a Tigger Tail – marshmallow’s stacked in a zig-zag then dipped in orange and black chocolate with orange sprinkles.

#2 Bengal Barbeque: Chicken & Beef Satay

Across from the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland is the … Keeping with the theme, they offer “exotic” foods from “far off places.” The main course is primarily meat skewers. This was a meal set called the Bengal Rice Plate, which comes with chicken skewers, a “tiger tail” breadstick, and a beef skewer. I enjoyed the flavors, but there was not much food despite the price. Boyfriend and I were still quite hungry following our little meal. If you feel like a quiet place to eat, we stole away to the deserted Aladdin pavilion nearby.

#3 Belle’s Tavern: Poutine

Our lunch from Bengal Barbeque wasn’t really enough to share, so we wandered to find another place for lunch. We stopped in at Belle’s Tavern in Fantasyland for a heartier meal. Boyfriend ordered a burger meal, pretty standard for most Disneyland restaurants. We also split an order of poutine, which is a French-Canadian dish made of meat, cheese, and gravy over French fries. The cheese curds tasted like they were probably frozen at some point, so I think I might have preferred melted cheese instead. The meat was tender and rich from the gravy.

#4 Tomorrowland: Lightsaber Churro

After we trekked through most of the park, our last few rides were located in Tomorrowland. We enjoyed a late night snack of Lightsaber churros, which is really just a churro dipped in colored sprinkles. Disneyland churros are readily available all over the park, but the lightsaber version is only available in Tomorrowland. Choose the Jedi or the Dark Side (blue or red)! I’m not sure if there’s an increase in price, but there’s not really a difference between these and their regular churros.

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Do you guys have any favorite Disney treats? I really wanted to have a Monte Cristo in “New Orleans,” but the reservations were full for the whole day! Make sure to use the Disneyland app to book early, so you’re not caught wandering around to the most deserted restaurants.

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