Great British Bake-Through

Well ladies and gentlemen, this COVID-19 business has had been cooped up in my house for the past several days. I’ve enjoyed having more time at home to clean up. In the evenings I have time to get back in my kitchen. Since Sunday I’ve made egg salad (though I was trying to do an Easter post for you all), Irish soda bread, spaghetti sauce for spaghetti and meatballs, chocolate espresso cupcakes, and

Since I’ve had the time and motivation to bake and cook so much, I thought I would get started on a project of mine I’ve been waiting to do: The Great British Bakethrough.

For those of you with Netflix, the Great British Baking Show or “Bake Off” is a British television show in which home bakers from across the U.K are chosen to compete in a competition. The judges (Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood in the early seasons) are famous bakers who present three challenges per episode.

I love the way the show is filmed. The bakers all seem willing to help and encourage each other. In addition, the bakers all push themselves to learn and improve each episode. Seeing their efforts makes me want to try and bake like them. So why not give it a try?

I’m going to be starting with Netflix Collection 1 (which is actually Series 5 from the BBC). It was the first season I ever watched. In fact, I’ve probably re-watched it a dozen times, including while I prepared for this challenge for myself.

The general rules are similar for that of the competitors. Everything must be made from scratch unless otherwise directed, i.e no store-bought frostings or jams. I will be asking friends and family to “judge” the products based on taste, appearance, and the particular qualities specific to each challenge. The only aspect I do not intend to rigorously apply is the time limit. I’m still learning after all! Though I’m going to try my hardest not to leave anything overnight.

There are three types of challenges. In the signature bake, the bakers usually are aware of the challenge beforehand so they have time to prepare and plan. I will do the same. The only caveat is that I cannot use any recipes from the judges or previous contestants (which are provided on BBC’s website). It has to be my own creation, though I can rely on the recipes of others. The same applies to the “Showstopper” challenges.

The technical challenge usually involves one of the judges giving the bakers a generic recipe missing key details. As these are already a challenge, I won’t be missing the details, but I will have to use Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood’s recipes just like in the show!

I’m really excited to try this. I’ve been saying I was going to do it for the past few years and I only ever did two signature bakes. This time I’m going to try and go in order. So far I’ve been happy coming up with a plan for the first episode!

Stay tuned!

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