Week 4 Signature: Self-Saucing Pudding

Here’s another challenge when British terminology tripped me up. For dessert weak, the bakers were asked to make eight self-saucing puddings. Pudding is the British word meaning dessert. After re-watching the episode and doing some research, this is essentially a lava cake. You should be able to bake a cake that oozes when you cut into it.

Also yes I’m

The Planning

Once I figured out what “self-saucing” meant it was just a matter of picking a cake that wasn’t just pure chocolate. I stumbled upon these clever “churro” cakes filled with chocolate. I’ll only be making four to minimize food waste.

The Bake

  1. The Filling

I used a tip to freeze the chocolate ganache in the hopes it would keep the filling from exploding…. more on that later.

2. The Batter

I used cinnamon sugar instead of putting the cinnamon in the flour. I also used cinnamon sugar for the ramekins.

3. The Bake

Batter in first, then the filling, but I wondered about covering the filling first.

The Final Result

If I’d ekked by for the past few weeks, then this week would definitely have sent me home! I think by incorporating the cinnamon into the sugar, I darkened the cake more than I intended. The chocolate exploded out and baked, so there was no “self-saucing.” I managed to salvage the appearance by flipping the cakes upside down, but the color was off-putting even with more cinnamon sugar.

Flavor wise, there wasn’t really a “wow” factor. The cake was dense and the molten filling would have added some much needed moisture.

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