My Recipe Notebook

As many of you may have assumed from my post on Mise En Place and learning to cook, I write down all of my recipes before I try them. I remember things best when I write them down. There are probably four or five notebooks around my house with various scribbles. Though they are primarily used for recipes I may have grocery lists, to-do lists, and other lists in them as well. Recently I filled one entire notebook. I thought it would be nice to reminisce on some memories and mention some of the best recipes.

This notebook seems to have started out for To-Do lists. I can tell it started in 2018 based on the Medical school list and the calculations I did for my taxes. It goes all the way through the pandemic, including my wedding, and into early 2021. The first few recipes don’t have titles. Based on the instructions I can tell one was a strawberry shortcake recipe. I can also see that this is where I started to venture out into global cuisines. There are recipes for curries, bubble & squeak, and other recipes with origins from outside of the U.S.

Please note some recipes aren’t online so I can only share where I found them!

Recipes to Highlight:

Peach Tart: the almond extract in this is a perfect note with the sweet, sweet peaches. The crust was crumbly and light. My family devoured it.

Peanut Butter Miso Cookies: The miso in this NY Times recipe adds an umami to a class peanut butter cookie. The contrast of this umami with the demerara sugar and sweet PB was heavenly.

Asparagus Orzo with Breadcrumbs: I think I ate 3 servings of this NY Times recipe. I couldn’t stop eating it! The tang of the lemon and the crunch of the breadcrumbs made this pasta dish out of this world.

Ribs with Balsamic BBQ Sauce: Cook your ribs however you want but make sure you use this rich, savory barbeque sauce from NY Times.

Baked Ziti: Simple, easy, and delicious. Hearty enough to feed hungry men.

Pureed Sweet Potatoes in Yogurt: Game changer. Super filling, healthy, and delicious.

Filipino Spaghetti: I heard this was made with something called “banana ketchup”. I found a pre-made sauce that made the sauce easy. Love the sweetness.

Bacon Kimchi Udon: If I hadn’t oversoaked the noodles it would have been absolutely perfect. Smoky, creamy, and slightly tart from the kimchi.

Foodie Fails:

Pão de queijo: I bought cassava flour, which may have been the mistake. They ended up dense and gummy, not light and fluffy.

Cold Cream of Mint & Pea Soup: My very first recipe from Jacque Pepin’s cookbook exploded out of my food processor! What a mess!

Biscuits: My husband’s family loves biscuits and gravy. I can make gravy just fine but I’ve failed biscuit recipe after biscuit recipe.

There are some recipes here I’m definitely going to have to re-visit. Some of the other notebooks are reaching their last few pages. Stay tuned!

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