This Week in the Kitchen

Welcome to a new series where I document my less exciting progress in the kitchen. I don’t always have time for my Great British Bake Off challenges, or fancier recipes to show off. That doesn’t mean I’m not trying new foods, playing around with new recipes, or going to restaurants around the Valley.


I fried eggs in cream based off of a suggestion from Food52. Delicious!

Mix peanut butter, plain yogurt (I use Siggis), and a little bit of honey. Dip apples in it for a delicious snack.

I made a Food Network recipe for flank steak with cabbage and bacon. I think this is the best steak I’ve made yet.

Foodie Fails

I tried to make cookie brittle from a cookbook called Genius Desserts (by Food52). It seemed simple until I forgot to add all of the flour and poured it into the pan… and realized after it started baking. I was so frustrated I just threw it away and didn’t try to remake it.

Around the World

I’ve been venturing to different Asian grocery stores in my community. I went to one near my house that I’d never seen before and picked up some goodies.

First I tried, Filipino spaghetti made from a package of sauce.

I also bought frozen ddeukboki, a Korean bar food/street food dish made with rice cakes, fish cakes, and a spicy sauce.

I also bought my first container of Japanese mayo, which I used in a “ramen hack” I saw on TikTok.

Foodie Media

Currently watching: Chopped Sweets.

Currently Reading: Brew

Restaurants Tried

Mochi Fresh (Tempe)

Bourbon Steak (Scottsdale) – Review coming soon!

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